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Hello, welcome to my site where you will find out why the CROWN has disappeared from our beer glasses, how beer glasses are verified, view my historic collection and learn about the stamps which appear on UK beer glasses.

I guess this could be said to be a long time in gestation but two things have induced the birth. The first is, of course, digital photography and the Internet and the second was a visit to The Pig’s Nose in South Devon in the summer of 2007

(see ‘Memoirs of a collector’ | Glass Nine).

Over the last forty odd years I have collected a number of mass produced,

moulded beer glasses* verified and stamped for the licensed trade.

Here, I want to celebrate these survivors of a hard life. We’ve all heard the crash of broken glass in pubs and a pub make-over generally means out goes anything old fashioned and in comes sparkling new stock.

Beer glasses in houses or found in junk or charity shops were once liberated from someone’s local as a sentimental souvenir or simply for drinking at home before beer glasses were sold in shops and supermarkets.  This is, of course, in spite of the sign I remember years ago:

2043 (Verrerie Cristallerie D’Arques J G Durand & CIE)	Cancelled on 29/10/06 For more information click on ‘Stamp Collecting’


This glass came from Hoskings junk shop, in the Narrows, Totnes (sadly no longer there!) A tad cynical but true!

Crown Stamp on Glass Stolen from 'Jimmy Wright' Plymouth

But let’s congratulate the liberators because without them these jewels in the crown of our pub history would have gone into landfills or into the recycling skips.

These glasses were purchased from the landlord of  The Prospect Inn, Exeter, who was raising money for charity. I wonder if he has any Crown stamped glasses left? Inspector’s #523 Westminster

I’m Peter Burton, I live in Torquay,

Devon, UK with my wife Julia.

In 2008 when this site was created I had recently discovered that the crown was no longer stamped on UK beer glasses and had found glass #8 (see ‘Memoirs’) in a charity shop. At that time one could still find crown glasses in a variety of pub, since then they have  become almost impossible to find. The brewing conglomerates and the glass making companies combine together to produce decorated and embossed glasses ,which are virtually given to the pub chains. Only in quiet out of the way or some small country pubs can you still find glasses bearing the crown.

However I receive a lot of emails from people asking about glasses found in charity shops and I too still find it difficult to pass charity shops without having a nose around looking for anything I haven’t got and for that elusive Pint VR.

Kastytis Orlauskis emailed to show me a Victorian pint glass he found at a car boot sale in Huddersfield last year. As you can Imagine I was more than a little envious. If I read the stamp correctly, # 591 means the glass was verified in Halifax. It hasn’t travelled far in 100 years, but it has survived!

This is a find from 2012 in Babbacombe. Quart glasses are rare. An emailer asked  about quart pots he had read about in a George Orwell book and sent a photo of  an earthenware pot. I recognised it as being very like some depicted in Hugh Rock’s book so he was able to date it and determine the manufacturer.

I had to have this glass for 2 reasons: 1) it is the only 2043 glass I have & 2) it bears one of the oldest trademarks in the world.  Here is the bar in Edouard Manet’s Un Bar aux Folies-Bergère  where you will see bottles of Bass next to the champagne!

The place to go if you want to see crown glasses loud and proud on the bar is the Valiant Soldier.org.uk “The pub where time was never called” in Buckfastleigh. Yes, that’s right it’s a museum, but well worth a visit either physically or virtually. Either way you can’t get a pint.

Many emailers ask about the value of glasses. Back in 2008 I would say that they don’t have much value but a visit to an up to date site  Zythophile - a short history of beer glasses - suggests that values are rising and I was surprised on a recent visit to his site that we are talking more than a couple of quid, but nobody’s going to get rich!