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This unremarkable glass was, surprisingly, the beginning of my active collecting. We are sitting in the garden of The Coledale Inn, Braithwaite, Easter 1975. We had been introduced to the magic of the Lake District by Fluffy, a friend of my wife’s from their beatnik days in Jersey in 1962. With the early evening sun disappearing behind Grisedale Pike but still lighting up the flanks of Skiddaw across the valley a pint of Jennings tastes even better and well earned after a day walking on the fells. In those days we had to sit outside as the children were not allowed in the pub and we couldn’t afford to eat in the restaurant.

During a lull in the conversation, I noticed the stamp on the glass. From memory it was unlike the two at home and I was intrigued by the date. Needless to say it went back to the campsite with us. So began my beer glass collection proper. For the next twenty years or so, whenever I was in a pub, I couldn’t resist lifting my glass up to the light to inspect the stamp. I couldn’t pass a junk shop without diving in to see if there were any beer glasses on the shelves of glassware, looking for different styles of glass and their stamps.

Inspector’s # 478 St. Helens Borough