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A trip to The Shakespeare Tavern near the Arnolfini. It’s a first for us. We’re with friends, Peter and Jane French (Peter was one of my teachers at the university). Outside the pub it’s 1979 but inside it’s still the 1950’s .It’s not just the Guinness calendar from 1953 which tells us this: the lino covered tables, faded wallpaper, worn out furnishings and a general air of benign neglect all contribute. The old couple who run the place have a firm sense of decorum as a sign on the bar makes clear:

“Ladies will not be served with cider”.

My pint of Courage Best was in a type of glass that I had never seen before. However, I didn’t take the glass because it didn’t seem appropriate.

I regretted it, of course, as I was in the grip of collecting fever and not long after decided to go back to the pub to buy a glass. Too late! The old couple had gone the make-over had happened and all the old glass stock had gone.  Some years later in a junk shop search I found this one which I like to think came from The Shakespeare Tavern.

Inspector’s # 29 Haringey Borough