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Julia’s sister, Trish, enjoys her weekends with her chums in East Prawle a charming little village hiding on the South Devon coast. The centre piece of these weekends is to go and see, and bop to, bands at The Pig’s Nose run by Peter Webber, a veteran of the music business. This weekend, in 2007, the attraction was Michael Nesmith the former Monkey.

We look after her kids Friday and Saturday and deliver them for Sunday lunch in the pub where the cool and country mingle for a bite and a pint. Old habits die hard, so I raise my glass to the light to look at the stamp .I expected to see the crown and number as it was clearly a new glass, but not this time.

So it has happened! The chap at Bristol Weights and Measures predicted this 30 years ago. After over three hundred years of royal insignia on our pub capacity measures they’ve gone, to be replaced by a Brussels dictated logo. Not as bad as predicted though, not average contents as in wine, spirits, cereals etc. but still minimum contents and, glory be, not litres but the pint. The EU officially recognises and sanctifies the pint.

I point out the difference to anyone who will listen but, strangely, nobody appears to share my enthusiasm! I ask Peter Webber if I can buy the glass but he generously gives it to me.

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