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It’s just before Easter 2007. The exploration of junk shops and charity shops has tailed off in the last twenty odd years, I haven’t collected a glass for some time and let’s face it I drink more wine than beer these days! Julia is running an Inset for some of the staff at Ivybridge Community College. I’m her roadie so I’m let loose on the town. In the car park at the bottom of the hill there is a memorial to the US soldiers who were billeted and trained in the area for the D-Day landings. At the base is a wreath of poppies and it was heartening to see them undisturbed.

 I was delighted to see some ivy clinging to the corner of the bridge as I made my way into the town. A charity shop down a little arcade has a display of books outside and as I rummage I notice a shelf of glasses inside. Amongst the usual supermarket glasses and cheap wine glasses is this little beauty.

A most unusual design, I have only one like this and to find another is a huge surprise. If  Al Murray “The Pub Landlord “had been around in the 1940’s he might have referred to this as a glass for the lady: not a lot of white wine in the Red Lion back then but a half pint of bitter in this delicate version of the dimple mug instead. Another survivor.

Inspector’s # 301 Yorkshire W. Riding