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Nowadays, Arc (France) and Pasabahce (Turkey) dominate the European market in the manufacture of beer glasses. Self verification now takes place in these factories, using sophisticated weighing machines. There are, however, a few small companies in the U.K. making mostly polycarbonate “glasses” the use of which is growing in the  21st century climate of health’n’safety.

We’ve come a long way from the days when each and every beer glass was tested and stamped by local authority Weights and Measures inspectors.

The Tulip design still lives...

CE = Conformity to the technical harmonisation Directives

M = Conformity to the legal metrology Directives 2005/22/EC

06 = Year of affixing the CE marking

Manufactured by ARC.

Inspectors # 0126 NWML

 # 2063 Allocated to BB Plastics

These glasses kindly donated by Mike Edmonds, owner of the legendary  ‘Blue Walnut.

# = Identification of the notified body responsible for the conformity assessment procedure for 'placing on the market' and for 'putting into use'.